Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Medical or Recreational Dispensary?

As of October 1st, 2015, under Senate Bill 460, registered medical marijuana dispensaries are able to sell limited recreational marijuana products(dried leaves and flowers, immature plants and seeds) to adults 21 and older until December 31st, 2016.

How can I get my Medical Marijuana Card?

You can contact the Oregon Health Authority for information or The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation of Oregon, who are very helpful through the entire process.

What do I need in order to come into your shop?

You must present some form of your current, valid government issued photo identification.

What am I allowed to buy if I am a Medical Marijuana Patient?

OMMP patients can buy up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana, unlimited edibles and drinks, concentrates, topicals and salves, 18 seedlings or starts between the patient and the patients designated primary caregiver.

What am I allowed to buy if I am a Recreational customer?

You are allowed to buy a quarter ounce per day(7g) and unlimited seeds. You are allowed to purchase 4 immature plants between October 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. You may not purchase concentrates, edibles or topicals.

What am I allowed to have in possession in my home?

Under Measure 91, as of July 1, 2015, if you are 21 years or older, your household can have up to 4 marijuana plants(grown out of public view), 8 oz of usable marijuana, 16 oz of homemade marijuana products in solid form and 72 oz homemade marijuana products in liquid form.

If I am a recreational user, how much marijuana can I have in my possession if I am out of the house?

1 oz of usable marijuana.

Do you test your products?

Yes, all flowers and products are required to be tested for mold, mildew, pesticides, THC and CBD. Random samples are taken from the testing batches.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the principal psychoactive constituent in the cannabis plant. It has many beneficial effects such as mild to moderate analgesic(pain relief), relaxation, causes fatigue or alertness depending on strain, appetite stimulation and has antiemetic(nausea & vomiting) properties.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in the plant that has been said to have anti-psychotic effects, anti-convulsant and antioxidant properties.

What is a sativa?

These flowers induce an energizing, psychedelic, thoughtful and spacy high depending on the strain.

What is an indica?

These flowers induce a heavy, lethargic and body-oriented high depending on the strain.

Do you sell clones?

Yes, we sell our in-house strains.

Do you sell seeds?

Yes, you can always see our current selection on our menu.

Can I smoke in public?

No, you cannot.

What is BHO?

Butane Hash Oil, is named after the process in which it’s made using butane to extract all the desired properties from the cannabis. It can look like honey or wax.

What is RSO or Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO is a cannabis extract that is known as the “cure” and thought to treat cancer, leukemia, arthritis, diabetes, crohn’s disease, burns, asthma and depression to name just a few. It is a concentrated oil.

Do you sell vegan, gluten-free and organic products?

Yes, we carry many organic edibles, several gluten-free options and occasionally we have vegan edibles in stock.

Is there a tax on the marijuana I buy?

Yes, there is a 25% tax on every sale that a dispensary must collect.

Can you give samples?

No, we are not allowed to give away free samples.